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Marie comes to babysit two kids as their parents are out in town. This kind girl finds the kids to be a hand full as an accident occurs that’s seem to be caused by the kids. When she awakes from the accident she meets a boy name Cody that has much to teach her.

The well by the house on a hill is a drama, fantasy comic by Mari. The story follows Maria a normal 17 year old girl that loves umbels and vintage clothing that comes to babysit some kids. Sound pretty normal right even the kids don’t like her babysitting them as what usually happens in these scenarios. She does her best to get along with the kids but they end up doing something dangerous and leads to accident that sends her exploring another plane of existence with a boy named Cody. Even though at first it seem cliché Mari puts a spin on the story that I really did like.

Marie is a lovable sweet girl that is very very kind to people. She seems to be able to get passed painful moments quickly that would take someone like Cody a while to get over it. Maria character is the light in the dark for Cody as their relationship develops. As Cody seems to be taking Maria down a darker path she just can’t make it happen. Cody is a gloomy kid that seems to be very sour in life but it is for a good reason. It is quite touching to see Maria and Cody relationship develop together.

The art in the comic is wonderful. Everything is colored giving more depth to each character as we travel with them. The panels flow nicely I was never confused about where the next panel was going to. There is even some nice guest illustration in chapter 4. Marie to me had a Mary Poppins feel to her just looking at her character design especially that part of her design includes her always having a umbrella and a suitcase. Mari art style is more on the cartoony side with features that are more prominent than others but it still delivers a feeling they could be real people.

The problem that I saw in the comic is that Marie for my taste was a little to forgiving for what had happened to her. I would have like to see the kids get into a little more trouble for what they did or even see them struggle a bit more with their decision on their own but for a shorter comic it probably what the creator want to focus on. Then I would love to continue another story with Marie in it because by the end it seems to me Marie is going out into the world to help others in need.

The comic has been completed it has a prologue, 5 chapters and an epilogue. It’s a wonderful touching story that I recommend checking out. Mari has another comic that she is working on and some short comic stories.

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