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The 12-year-old girl Marietta a self-proclaimed detective receives a letter about someone that needs help in Departure Acres. She has no reason not to take this case to find him. As she starts the investigation she meets a guy investigating the ghost train and the two go on a journey to Oddity Woods.

Oddity Woods is a mystery, fantasy, adventure comic by Kay D. The story follows Marietta and her new partners one a scientist Wyatt that is in the studies of supernatural things that are in the woods and a cute ghost dog. Marietta a 12-year-old lively detective who tries to get help from the cops with a letter she receives that seems the person who wrote it is in distress. The Cops does not take this seriously because it speaks of the supernal train in the woods. Through making questionable decision she goes off into the woods alone and finds the ghost dog and Wyatt. Marietta and the other gets on the train and run into the feared train conducted and escape into the woods. Where not only is Marietta trying to find this person, but must find their way back to the real world with monsters after them.

Marietta is a strong willed young lady that tries to do her best but does not seem to think things through. This gets her into some sticky situations that thankfully she has the skill to get out of. She is a 12-year-old that looks up to her detective father and she still has a lot to learn. This is an ongoing story so hopefully she can learn some lessons and grow on the journey. Wyatt is a supernatural investigator that really likes to study this world and even puts himself in harm’s way to find the secrets of this world. There is a lot that we do not know about him yet and find out his backstory is a fun mystery to look forward to. Wyatt does find Marietta annoying but has no choice but to work with her to find their way out. Marietta and Wyatt do seem to make a good team as Marietta has good detective skills and Wyatt has the knowledge on how this world works. The ghost dog there is not much to say but adorable. There is other character in the story they are the other detectives that give information on our main characters and what has happened in the past to the town before. They are given their own thing to do in the story and are not just standing around giving exposition. The detectives are a colorful group of people that have good interaction. 

The problem that I can see from it is that it may take a while to get into the main story and it could turn some people off. The characters are in woods with supernatural creatures lurking around but it seems they are not under much threat and for the most part are not bothered beside one instant. Then the ghost or monsters that are there seem to be okay with them wondering around in this place. Even though it is stated that humans do not last long in the woods they are doing well so far. However, things are probably get clearer as more pages are add with more information given.

The comic is still ongoing it has a intro, prologue and 2 chapters. The comic is currently on chapter 2 and is being updated weekly. This is a fun spooky story that is fun to see how the story is going to unfold for the characters. Kay D. is also doing a few other comics you can check out. 

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