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Deya draws the funny things that happen to her in life.

Brutally Honest is a comedy comic by Deya Muniz. The comic takes normal things that happen in real life and makes jokes out of it. She makes fun of the of how people are in everyday life to how awkward she is with people. She covers different types of comedy from dark humor to geek humor.  She also does Q&A comics where she takes her readers’ questions and gives her response in a funny comic form. I really did find myself relating to a lot of the jokes that are about the funny things that happen in daily life to her.

The art in the comic is drawn nicely and simplistic as it is a quick few panels comic strip. the emotion that the character express in the comic brings the comic to life as the characters expression portrays what she was feeling at the moment and probably what somebody else would feel in the same situation.

The comic is still on going and have plenty to laugh at as it started back in 2015. This comedy comic is about the funny things that happen in real life. It’s just a fun read to have a bit of a laugh about life. Deya Muniz has other comics that she has worked on and there is way to support her comics if you find that you really like her work. 

This is one of her comic strips.

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