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Kamikaze is a superhero comic by Alan Tupper, Carrie Tupper and Havana Nguyen. In the abundance of superhero comics, it is hard to find a graphic novel, which will differentiate itself in the mind of a reader. However, Kamikaze copes really well with the task and takes a contemporary superhero concept to a new level. It is a sci-fi webcomic created by Moving Ink Media, who aims to turn into an animated series at some point in the future. Here's the idea: 

Two hundred years after the world ends, a young girl named Markesha struggles to make ends meet and support her father. The two live in a city comprised of three domains all of which are located inside of a vast desert. The Inner City is where the government operates and where the crops are growing; Halo dwells directly outside and is where the middle-class lives; thus, protecting the Inner City.  Life for citizens in the Outer City, however, is controlled by competing and violent gangs.   Markesha perilously gambles her and her father's lives in an attempt to break free and find a comfortable and safe experience for themselves. For this, she leaves her job as a courier and begins working for The Razors, a powerful gang. Luckily for her, Orson Stykes, who is The Razors' security consultant offers protection. She accepts the offer and enters into preparation stage with Orson's team. Only, her one confidant, Orson is imprisoned by Halo Security Forces leaving her in her decision on her own. The reasons behind the arrest are not clear so far.

The creators of Kamikaze aim to bring into existence a new world, which needs a new superheroine. They are creating a world that at first seems very different, from our reality, but when the reader goes deeper into the storyline, unexpected and striking similarities arise. Alan Tupper, who is responsible for backgrounds, layouts, and character roughs, does an excellent job in creating the visual aspects of Kamikaze. He is carefully crafting and delivering the atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic world trying to rebuild itself from the ashes of disastrous past. Moreover, the artist manages not only to create unique, detailed and bright appearances for the characters but, also deliver the character's personality through his art. Similarly, when it comes to writing, Carrie Tupper provides coherent and entertaining dialogues, along with descriptions and detailed stories about the lifestyle and the history of the post-apocalyptic world.

Kamikaze started in July of 2014, and the creators update the content and storyline every Wednesday. There has been created two finished episodes so far, that contain four acts. There is also the third episode, which is not yet completed. Moreover, Kamikaze creators offer three bonus comics that come up in the middle of each episode and take the reader into an unexplored reality of the storyline. The fact that the comic is still in its creation process makes it more appealing to the reader as it creates a sense of sweet anticipation and at the same time, it delivers a feeling of mysteriousness.

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