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Thoughts by Chey <3

Written by Rob Johnson and drawn by Ariel Guadalupe, Miss Melee is the feminist powerhouse which surpasses Wonder Woman in our modern age. The art style is complimenting the contrasts of M.M.’s life. Panels feature bold colors mostly on the cooler side of the spectrum. I particularly like the use of movement which is subtle but effective. Not only does M.M. protect the city from crimes of all proportions but also, she manages to excel as a loving wife and mother while balancing a full-time career. While those things alone might qualify anyone as a superhero, she continues to fill the role as a classic hero on-par with Super Man. Unlike Super Man, M.M. uses her humanity as her primary weapon of mass protection. She knows her potential and does not need to validate it every time she throws a punch.

Mom’s raising strong daughters. Women supporting other women even if they’re different. Female versus male battle for supremacy. These are just a few elements of modern feminism which M.M. uses as a foundation for its plot. I don’t know how many people out there are familiar with Sailor Moon let alone S.M. and M.M. but, I’d like to point out one of my favorite supporting roles in both stories: Tuxedo Mask and Mark Jones. These two characters are the unsung feminist heroes of their respective story lines. Both men play a vital role in the work done by S.M. and M.M. by standing back and providing... You guessed it! High quality and timely emotional support!

Now, we all love a woman in spandex kicking ass better than any burly man standing before her. However, the cultural benefit to women in spandex is that they aren’t afraid to let the people they love charge them up. S.M. and M.M. are the most influential women in their stories because of their talent, strength, and ability to recognize the power of others. Without the third component, we end up with a rather flat and stoic hero. What is the future of superheroes? As we move through 2019 and look ahead to the future of superhero comics, I think we can successfully answer that question. Maybe the future of heroes is not just someone who has had a vast amount of power and responsibility bestowed upon them like a lucky lottery winner. Perhaps the heroes are among us everywhere we go, ready to cheer us through a fight or just to stand shoulder to shoulder in the line for coffee (or maybe the hero is actually your mom).

Miss Melee is still on going and updates every Sunday. Seven issues of Miss Melee have been completed and issue eight pages are being updated. There are Non-Story comics that are done by guest artists covering fun moments in the characters lives. 

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